Raving Fans

Eric Ventura - Certified Fitness Instructor and Co-founder of Dance Bootcamp in Reno.

I put this on my Christmas wish list!!! I love how simple it is and that I can rock it with any outfit! Nice job!

Eric Ventura – Certified Fitness Instructor; Co-founder Dance Bootcamp
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Dec 2018

Corrie Ventura, Certified Fitness Professional and Co-founder Dance Bootcamp in Reno

Do you ever have an article of clothing that makes you feel unstoppable? My brand new fresh out the mailbox Every Floor is a Dance Floor™ tank rocked my world on the dance floor. This tank gives me life. Get yours from one of my favorite up and coming designers, Every Floor Is A Dance Floor. #newfave #upandcomers #makers

Corrie Ventura – Certified Fitness Instructor; Co-founder Dance Bootcamp
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Dec 2018

Brandon Greathouse - Hip-Hop leader

I’m loving this design, bro!!!

Brandon “Knowbody” Greathouse – Hip-Hop leader and founder of Warriors of Rhythm dance team in Sacramento, CA
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Dec 2018

“I love this Every Floor Is A Dance Floor™ 80s Color Twister Tank and ordered the black Racerback. YOU, my friend, are one of the best people I know. I will always support you because you are an incredible talent. You’re wisdom and knowing is out-the-roof. And I admire how you champion your fellow man. You’re always giving credit and accolade to others. Bravo you Reid Walley. I love you!”

Cat Stahl
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Nov 2018